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A Personal Message from Chuck Villanueva - CEO

It's hard to believe, but Chase Security Systems, an MBE, is almost 30 years old. Since 1975, we have been custom designing, consulting and manufacturing a variety of products for the Life/Safety, Security, Fire, Sound and Communication, and Electrical Industries. Our Products have been installed in Educational Facilities, Hospitals, Parks, Restaurants, HUD Projects, Stadiums, Warehouses, Hotels, Correctional Facilities, Prisons, Institutional Buildings, Mass Transit and many other Public locations.

Over the years, Chase has gained a fine reputation for outstanding Integrity, Quality, Delivery and very Competitive pricing. making Chase the preferred choice of many leading Brand Names in the Industry.

Please take a few minutes to look over our product lines that include custom metal and wire fabrication. These applications include Enclosures, Guards, Hoods, Expanded, Perforated, Sheet Metal and Wire Forming for applications such as Wire Guards, AIDS, Smoke Alarms, Pull Stations, Access Control, Speakers, and CCTV. Chase also makes a line of Pedestals for Card Readers, Intercom Systems and Door Stations. Chase will build custom products made to your specifications so if you do not see what you need in the pages ahead, we can build it.

Thank you for stopping by and we appreciate your interest.

Charles V. Villanueva

Chase has developed a simple yet secure, all-in-one service control panel for use in classrooms in schools across the nation. This allows the wiring for a variety of devices such as light switches, call buttons, strobes, horns, rj45 ethernet sockets, telephone sockets, clocks, thermostat controls, public announcement speakers, intercoms and cctv components to be safely housed behind a solid, lockable door.

The unique design of the CSCS 48182 both increases overall security for each device as well as allowing maintenance to be performed quickly and easily at a centralized location.

cscs 48182 classroom control panel
Featured Model:
CSCS 48182

The CSGW CL183 and CSGW 23176 are just a few of the many wire guards in the Chase catalog designed for use with a variety of standard analog clocks and clock/speaker devices. These wire covers are attractive enough to fit in office and classroom, yet rugged enough to withstand the damage taken in areas such as prisons and gymnasiums.

For information on wire enclosures for clocks or other devices, please visit our Wire Guards section.

In addition to wire guards, Chase also designs a series of control panels for both analog and digital clocks accompanied with speakers, strobes and other devices in our
Control Panels section.

csgw cl134 wire guard
csgw 23176 wire guard
CSGW 23176

Chase's latest innovation to the smoke alarm guard uses a patented compensator to aid in concentrating trace amounts of smoke into the detector. This increases the device's capability to detect smoke and signal for earlier warnings.

The patented model has been designed to work with smoke detectors made by recognizable industry leaders such as ADT, Gamewell, Johnson Controls, Notifier, Siemens and Silent Knight to name a few.

See our perforated metal section for more info. Click here


Smoke Detector Guard
with Compensator

smoke detector guard ul siemens

Featured Model:
CSGP 884

In addition to our flat metal enclosures and wire guards, Chase also makes an assortment of Pedestals, Hoods and Towers for access control devices, cameras, motion sensors and other devices. These products are designed to accommodate pedestrian traffic as well as vehicles, even large trucks, at comfortably accessible heights.

Our Pedestals, Hoods and Towers are specifically tailored to meet the needs of the project at hand. Chase reduces expense to customers at the design level, reducing the need for costly and time-consuming alterations from being performed at the job site.

Click to view our sections on pedestals, hoods, and towers.

telescoping hid reader pedestal tower
Featured Model:
CPT 4836122

View additional products custom designed to work with devices made by companies such as Cooper/Wheelock, GE Security, Gentex and Edwards Systems Technology in our "Manufacturer Models" section.

Chase is a Certified Minority Business Enterprise.

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