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How to process
Paypal invoices.

Below is a brief instructional tour of
how to process invoices from Paypal.

Chase Security Systems is a Verified
Paypal Vendor

Step 1:
You will receive an email from Paypal which includes a link to your invoice. Click the link to access your order information.

Some users may need to right-click the link, Copy it, and Paste it into the address bar of their browser (such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, or Opera).

Note: Paypal invoices will only become available after a request for product has been submitted and the shipping address has been confirmed.

Step 2:
Existing Paypal members simply need to log in to pay.

New users are not required to become members in order to make payments, however they will need to supply their credit card information to proceed.

Note: If the billing or shipping address for your order is different than your credit card information, always use the card's billing address to process payment. The product will ship to the address specified in your email correspondence or purchase order.

Step 3:
When your payment is processed you will receive a receipt from Paypal. Please print a copy of this payment for your records. The payment Transaction ID number will also be included on the invoice that accompanies your product. Unit prices and freight amounts will not appear on orders that are drop shipped to a third party.

Additional notes:
Q: Why can't I find my Paypal invoice in my email?
A: Occasionally Paypal emails are processed as junk mail based on the settings of your email client. Be sure to check your junk mail to ensure that the invoice was not sent there by mistake. You may also wish to consult your network administrator to inquire if is blocked from accessing your company network.

Q: I have entered in my information to Paypal but why is my payment not going through successfully?
A: Note that Paypal only requires the information of the card holder handling the payment in order to process a transaction. This pertains to the information as listed on your credit card statement and not that of your purchase order. Entering a different billing address or shipping address in the Paypal payment menu may invalidate the purchase and return you to the main page. Please be sure to only supply the address referenced on your card's billing statement and the transaction should be successful. 

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