Chase Security System

Company History

Company History

Early Years

Our story begins in 1976 as vision by my father, Chuck.

He started working from a modest apartment in Chicago designing tamper-resistant guards for smoke detectors with the catchy name “Protect-a-Brac”.  At this time, smoke detectors were required in every home and institution.  People were stealing their batteries for personal items, making the smoke detector practically useless.


Installed with Smoke Alarm

CAD drawing from 1979

These guards developed into so much more over the years. He worked with metal fabricators to develop housing designs for every other item you could think of. In 2003, his son Mike joined the firm to assist in developing products and expanding into new industries. In addition to protective covers for life safety devices, we specialize in housings for access control devices, audio equipment, and integrated technology to name but a few. 

Catalog page from 1979

Wire guard for Analog clock

Expanded metal cages

Vehicle pedestal prototype

We have been in the business for over 45 years and enjoy the opportunity to develop new products. With the ever-changing nature of the industry, Chase Security Systems continues to meet the demands of projects for larger clients, while preserving our ability to offer budget-friendly solutions for customers interested in small to single production jobs.

Custom speaker guards​

Wheelchair access tower

Vehicle gate bollard​

Fluorescent light guard

Our company encourages collaborative partnerships with clients who share our values of quality and customer satisfaction. We look forward to the opportunities that arise and are eager to welcome new business prospects while maintaining a positive flow of operation with long-term colleagues.

Classroom control panel

Long range antenna cage

Access control stanchion

Gooseneck pedestal